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    Therapeutic Vibrating Massage Roller

    Three-speed pliability intensity settings:

    Low, medium, and high intensities to apply the perfect amount of pressure to each of your sore muscles and joints to lengthen and soften the muscles to accelerate activation (pre-workout), and recovery (post-workout). Think of PRO (fit) SURE Vibrating Therapeutic Rollers as the new supplement for pre and post-workout. 

    Use the Therapeutic Vibrating Massage Roller for pre-workout and post-workout as your lengthen and soften muscles to improve durability and recovery. An advanced pliable contact system that digs deep into the muscle system for both pre- and post-workout. The same vibrating massage roller used by elite athletes that are serious about staying injury free to continue their fitness journey. 

    Portable use on the go with a rechargeable battery keep it simple, included wall-outlet charging cable makes it easy. Full charge last over two hours of vibrating massage!