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    PRO fitness SURE subscription page.

    Join FITness LIVE for actual fat loss tips, with nutrition, the recipe of the month, and full pliable training workout plans written live monthly by our own Master Trainers. Join FITness LIVE for only $5 monthly subscription renewal and become your own star today. Single individual purchase of digital download E-Book option at check-out only $14 no subscription required. 

    Learn the most effective and efficient training methods and exercises in fitness. Your e-Book and subscription focuses and caters to professional athletes and first-time beginners. 

    Both subscription and single download option include the recipe of the month and progress tracking tips to help burn body fat. A must-have for experienced athletes looking to climb above plateaus, and for beginners looking for the principals of pliable training. 

    -Workout of the week

    -Band Work Outs

    -Meal Plans


    -Recipe of the month